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Topeka Area Water Garden Society (TAWGS) is an active and friendly club for people who are interested in the study and enjoyment of water gardens.

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25th Annual Pond Tour a Success Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 19:20

The 25th Annual Topeka Area Pond Tour came to a close June 26th at 10pm after the last guest said good night at Pond Number 1.

We want to thank all the Advertisers, Pond Hosts and Pond Sitters that made this event a success.  Without you, we could not do it.  With nearly 200 people attending, we held our own considering the other venues that weekend, blistering temperatures and rain on Sunday.

Other than one directional mishap (a road closure) and an early morning scare on tickets selling out, the event went off wiothout a hitch.  This year we had 9 beautiful ponds and water features set in various landsccapes taking in everyrhing from a trickling stream to a water flat stone and weeping walls.  From shubunkins and gold fish to Koi.   Modern scapes to Shogun architecture built into a hillside and a timeless english garden.  Wildlife sanctuaries to backyard entetainment centers and with 3 hosts offering up evening entertainment, there was something for everyone.

Thank each and everyone of you for being a  part of this years 25th Anniversary.  The feed back was excellent and will be considerd for next years event.  Particularly, estimating the volume of water and size of pump.  We look forward to next years.


Your 2016 Pond Tour Committee.



Why Goldfish change color Print E-mail
Written by The Pond Guy   
Sunday, 03 April 2016 18:13

Reprint August 8, 2009

Whether you have a traditional goldfish in your pond or one of the many fancy varieties, you may notice their colors change over time - don't worry. It doesn't necessarily mean your fish have some sort of disease! In most cases, it's normal for goldfish to change color. So before you start dumping antibiotics in your pond, first consider these possibilities: Genetics Goldfish naturally change color as they age. Though most do so during their first year or two of life, others change throughout their lifetime.

Tower Gardens Print E-mail
Written by Chris Newell   
Friday, 01 April 2016 18:25

Tower Gardens is a an innovative way to bring fresh vegetables and herbs to your table 365 days a year through a process called Aeroponics.

During this years 2016 Garden Show, I had the pleasure of meeting many intersting people and companies of which one was LeAnn Oblander with Tower Garden.  After talking with LeAnn for quite a while and as a newly elected officer of the Topeka Area Water Garden Scociety trying to moving in new directions; it seemed only natural that I invite her to speak to our club members.  LeAnn and her business partners Beth Jessop and Kim Wells will be providing a demonstration along with a presentation on how the system works and what benefits you gain from owning a Tower Garden.  I think you'll like what they have to show and tell.

Take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialTowerGarden.

And heres a reprint from thier website.  I hope they don't mind and appreciate them letting me introduce you to a Tower Garden System.  It should be a good time.

As you push your cart—squeaky wheel and all—over to the produce aisle, you’re dismayed to discover the supermarket is out of arugula (again!). Then you see the romaine is a little wilted, the spinach a bit slimy.

“Guess I won’t bother having salad this week,” you think heading back out, green-less, into the piercing winter wind.

Shopping for fresh produce this time of year can be a drag. You’re trying to make healthy choices, but the availability of healthy foods can be, well, let’s just say underwhelming.

But get this: Though I’ve had salads nearly every day for months, I can’t remember the last time I actually bought salad greens from the grocery store.

My secret? I’ve been growing my own indoors.

And fresh produce year-round—regardless of climate—is just one of many benefits of indoor gardening.

Changing of the Guard: The Lily Pad gets a new Editor-in-Chief Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 00:36
Don Taliafrro, a long time memebr of TAWGS, has courageously stepped up to relieve one of TAWGS founders and beloved newsletter editor Diane Gruver who has been wanting to retire for several years. February marked his first newletter and he did a great job. March was even better. I think he's got the hang of it. Let's give him a big hand.

So Swim, wade or click on over to our "Newsletter" link and check out the March newsletter. This months issue highlights events from February that included a personal visit by Abe Lincoln at our last club meeting, an article by Bob Saathoff on the success of the 2016 Garden Show and a reprint from the Pond Guy with tips for cleaning out and opening your pond and more.

Don't forget to talk up this year Pond Tour. Efforts will soon be underway to select the Pond Tour Hosts. We have room for a couple more. If you know someone that would like to be a host or would like to nominate someone, contact Don at 785-633-6714 or Chris at 785-633-4854. Want to be a Sponsor, ticket outlet or need a demonstration. Contact Chris at 785-633-4854 for detailed informationon how to advertise or get our groups attention.

We do have a correction to the March newsletter. We inadvertently forgot to mention in the 2016 Garden Show article that Waterscape Concepts was a valuable contibutor to our display and provided the beautiful bubbling vase, base and pump. It was a main focal point that was used as a photo opportunites for many of the attendents and was greatly appreciated.

Volunteers still needed. Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 March 2016 00:07

Anns pond

Volunteers still needed for Anna's Pond at Old Prairie Town - Ward Mead.

Last month brought so much rain that work on Anna's pond stopped.  We still have much to do and are waiting on some of Shawnee County Parks and Recreation folks to complete a rataining wall before we can move forward.  But stay posted.  We still need volunteers to help line the pond with stone and then cleanout the upper and lower pools.  It's shaping up.  Just a little slower then expected.  Let's hope mother nature cooperates this month.

If interested in being a part of this experience, contact Bob Saathoff at 785-640-1482 or Chris Newell at 785-633-4854.  All volunteer hours are accounted for and used to help fund the Topeka chapter of Keep America Beautiful. Come join us.

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